Friday, August 24, 2007

'I Follow' Movement

As I've just recently found out, there's a small but growing number of bloggers who are turning off 'rel=nofollow' in their comments, which has been originally proposed by Google as a means of curbing comment spam.

However, the tag has largely fallen short of it's intended effect in deterring spammers, the job taken over largely by Captchas and spam detection software these days, while leaving legitimate users less inclined to comment, after not being to benefit from the increased link count that is important for search engines in spidering your site.

Randa Clay started the 'I Follow' Movement in countering the usage of the 'nofollow' tag used in the comment links. As a fellow supporter being more open, I think it is a great idea, besides the fact it will be great motivator for others to leave a comment on my page as well.

Everybody benefits, I'll get more exposure, while you get rewarded with a link whenever you leave a comment. I've turned off my 'nofollow' link now, and if I've managed to convince you that it is a good idea, be a part of this and join the movement!

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Nicusor said...


Welcome to the Do Follow List!

There are around 260 websites here awaiting for your comments! :)


P.S. Any link back will be much appreciated and it will bring you a do-follow link on the list!

P.S.2 Do you have any idea why I can only use a google account to post comments?

Unknown said...


First of all, thanks for adding me to the list! Any support of any sort is always well appreciated :)

Erm, I think the Google account is needed because the blog is running on Blogger.

But yeah, I guess I see your point, I've removed the requirement for Google/Blogger only since, the CAPTCHA should be sufficient for anti-spamming purposes (I hope!)


Anonymous said...

beeeeeautiful site. i love the things you write about. you just got yourself a new frequenter! :) and thanks for joining the do-follow-movement. i love this community. see ya

Unknown said...

Hi Chilli,

First of all, thanks for the compliments, glad that you've enjoyed reading my blog. Appreciate your show of support, and likewise, to the do-follow movement too!

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