Monday, September 10, 2007

Coming out, then taken down

It seems like just within a day, there is a lot of buzz generated about a teacher from Raffles Institution, one of the top schools in Singapore. The major news is that he has came out of the closet, asserting his gay identity, but has promptly taken down his article shortly after.

But when the genie's out of the bottle, it's hard to put it back in again, as a search on Google's cache easily pulled out the original article. I believe he has his reasons to take down his post, so re-posting it will only fan the flames and not be helpful to his cause, so it won't be appropriate to give any links to the article in respect of his privacy.

I pretty much share the same views with Aaron Ng on this issue, and like him, I do have an aversion for gays. But this is well justified for, given that I've been 'picked up' by random gay men on the streets before, unsurprisingly. After all, I live in two of the largest gay cities in the world. Sexual assult by homosexual men is not unheard of.

But I am alright with gay people, just not with random sexual harassment from men. (Women who wish to do so are perfectly welcomed to :P) There is a broad distinction between homosexuality and sexual harassment, and we should not to blur those two issues together, and stigmatise them just because of their sexual orientation.


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