Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hot Tech Gossips Heard Through the Grapevine

The things I've learnt about the Computing Industry today:

- That VMWorld is having a fantastic sellout with 10000+ attendees, each paying $1800 just to get into the event. At this number, it's more lucrative for VMWare to be an events company than trying to make money from selling software licenses.

- That the bad news is, Google's new data centre at North Carolina has cooling systems that spans an entire floor itself. The good news is, it's powered with hydro-electricity from some nearby dam. The bad news is, some hippie stood up in a conference moaning that Google is sucking up all water required for the hydro-power and killing all the salmons, maaaan. The good news is, well, it's probably unsubstantiated anyway. The bad news is, well, nobody really cares.

- That if Sun keeps giving software away to the open-source movement, they might as well change their ticker from 'JAVA' to 'FREE'. And while they are at that, they can start giving away their hardware for free too. At least they can make it all up with all the increase in volume.

- That Google is rumoured to have breached the 1 million machines mark with all their data centers combined. And that number is still growing, fast. Unfortunately, future growth will solely be limited by the moods of the delivery guys on a given day from now onwards.

Now that's a lot of heavy hitting disclosure from me within a single day. I'm seriously pushing it, man. Might even lose my job for disclosing them, you know?


Sunny Wu said...

Since when did you become a comedian?

Unknown said...

Since, erm, like 12 hours 20 minutes and 44 seconds ago?

Why does that matter? So I can't be a geek and be funny at the same time, is that it?!

Pffffffft, you just can't please Some readers, can you?


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