Thursday, February 07, 2008

Looking for Postgres Configuration's Path

Spent a rather long amount of time fumbling around trying to find where postgres's configuration files are resided. It didn't help at all that all postgres's configurations files are not found in the global '/etc' directory. Only after doing some source diving into postgres's SysV initialization script did I find where the locations of 'postgresql.conf' are:





That's annoying because the configuration files, are stored in different locations for different distributions. Furthermore default configuration flags are different for distros as well, which I had to spent more time to look for the errors while trying to make sequel work with both distros, so it works whether if I'm using my standalone box or the server.

Also, it turns out that Gentoo has enabled localhost access by default, while RedHat didn't. So to 'fix' RedHat's 'pg_hba.conf' file, and uncomment localhost access to the database:

# IPv4-style local connections:
host all all trust

Talk about 'distro fragmentation hell', which is no better than 'DLL hell' that Windows users suffer from!


Anonymous said...

I think that symlinks could help you out here.



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