Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Start to the Week

You know you have a bad start to the week when your freshly shipped computer from the US gets fried because the power supply unit is set to '110V'.

The single 'pop' sound and the fresh smell of a fried PSU has just ruined my day. :(

Does anybody know where do I get a power supply unit with a funny looking connector like this?


X-Istence said...

Standard SATA power connector?

Also, you may want to pop open the PSU, and just replace the fuse that you blew. Nothing else should have been damaged.

Unknown said...

Cheers mate,

I'll try to change the fuse, thanks for the heads up :)

Anonymous said...

the fuse is a good place to check but if you need to end up replacing it you can get a adapter from molex to sata to power the hard drive if you can only find an older style power supply unit, costs around $5 for the adapter

Unknown said...

Hi Derl,

Thanks for popping by, and cheers for the information. It did turn out that I had to get a new PSU, and some SATA adapters as well. Now it works, yay!

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