Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Less Efficiency and a Little More Humanity

Singapore is a country that prides itself on its efficiency.

The country is efficient. Not as efficient as the Japanese, but not as polite either.

When things are not running smoothly, people whinge, threaten and complain.

Nevertheless, efficiency is expected of when I was growing up in Singapore.

And I never knew how refreshing the lack of efficiency can be. Until today.

It was the usual train I catch to work each day, and I was running late.

Chasing after the train as it was leaving the station.

I was not alone. There were a few other people, all running behind me, all hoping to catch it too.

We paused as the train slowly inched away from us.

And then it stopped.

The train driver had waited. Just for a few of us.

Nevermind it was off-schedule.

It was a beautiful illustration of humanity above efficiency.

As I made my way to the seat on the aisle, it left me to wonder, "Singapore, isn't it possible to just have a little less efficiency and a little more humanity?"


Chris Stewart said...

Your post makes me appreciate more the Singaporean society. While you are known all over the world for discipline and order, there is that little more humanity left. Most of you might want to break the way of life that was instilled or maybe "enforced" on you all but count yourself blessed for having a disciplined society. Here, we are longing for discipline and order to reign.

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