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Nobody blogs anymore, and Heroku limitations

Looking at the previous date stamp, you’d have noticed that it has been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog.

Happy St. Patricks!

It’s been busy, but I haven’t forgotten. Shout out to all my friends: Work has been busy, but life is chugging along.

Finding the inclination to write

I’m still here; yes, I have been very quiet. Mostly because I’m busy with things.

Food and the meaning in life

I have not been writing for a while, you may have noted.

I ♥ Amsterdam!

First Stop, Brussels. Ok, you must be scratching your head now, and asking “Brussels?

Internet, Finally!

I finally have Internet at home! After 3 long months of going cold turkey involuntarily.

A Good Friday It Is!

Decided that I wanted a reckless, unplanned holiday over the Easter weekend, so I packed my bag with only a toothbrush, a set of clothes, and took off on my bicycle.

Happiness is ...

Happiness is a warm steaming bowl of instant noodles when you are feeling cold and hungry.

Brrrr! It's Cold Today!

Last night, the BBC Met Service reported of snow in several areas in the UK from the Arctic blast.

Bad Start to the Week

You know you have a bad start to the week when your freshly shipped computer from the US gets fried because the power supply unit is set to ‘110V’.

My Last Evening in San Francisco

A picture is worth a thousand words: I will miss this place.

An Emotion I Much Rather Not Have

Love, that is. A friend left, and on my own, I sat down by myself and watched ‘Becoming Jane’ tonight, which had still left me with a barrage of thoughts as I type this.

The Four-Letter Word of Independence

For a long time I’ve been rather vague in describing my ultimate goal - the attainment of freedom - only because the definition of freedom itself is rather broad and I had found it difficult to frame it in my own way.

Values Investing: Nicolas Berggruen

I don’t normally copy and paste news articles verbatim, but here’s an article worthy of note about another reclusive, wealthy philanthropic person.

I Just Don't Like Children!

I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not like children.

My Investment Journey So Far

I haven’t traded in the stock market in the last couple of years - the last time I checked, my trade history was probably about 3 years ago, which only amounted to just about 4-5 transactions.

Satisfaction, Happiness and Suffering

These days I have nothing much that worries me, and there’s really isn’t any much that I’m really wanting in life - satisfaction, to put it in a word.

Hello World

Or more rightly, ‘Hello World’ _again_. I have stopped writing for a while.

The Olympic Torch in San Francisco

There’s a lot of excitement all around the city today, with the commotion coming from the carrying of the Olympic torch.

It's Just Family

I have a troubled family, I kid you not. It had always been dysfunctional.

Much Ado About Resolutions

I’ve never had the habit of making new year resolutions, and I’ll not make an exception by starting one now.

Short Week in Singapore

Last week, I had to head back to Singapore to help out and attend my brother’s wedding.

Efficient Market Theory applied to Relationships

I know of a friend who keeps associating relationships with market talk.

Education: NOT a Requisite for Success

By success, let me use an arbitrary (and pardon me, superficial) definition, as a person’s net worth that is a magnitude greater than his peers of the same age group.

The Rich Men who Saved

Leafing through last night’s Wall Street Journal, I found a book review about Chuck Feeney (here’s a similar article I found online), my first response was, Chuck Who?

Weekend Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a bookstore to pick up a book to read anymore, solely because that there is just so much to read online these days.

Do not RTFM!

How many times have you ever been told to RTFM (Read the Fine Manual) when you got stuck with a problem?

The Story Behind My Ragged Schoolbag

This is my personal story about a ragged little schoolbag I had with me for the last 18 years.

How I Managed to Fund Myself through University

University had never been a planned stop in my life. Mostly, I had already consigned myself to live the life of just another worker drone in Singapore just like everybody else, after finishing my military conscription.

My Goals in Life

A friend of mine wrote me an email on my birthday recently.

Managing Code Fatigue

One thing about being a software developer, is that we have this misguided self-belief that we are ‘ironmen’, to borrow the phrase from Po Bronson’s book, ‘The first 20 million is always the hardest’.

Watching Barry Bonds' 754th

By virtue of some free tickets from business associates of ours, we were treated to a baseball game at AT&T stadium, the match up between the home team, the San Francisco Giants and the Florida Marlins.