Nobody blogs anymore, and Heroku limitations

Looking at the previous date stamp, you’d have noticed that it has been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog. But in this day and age, who does ‘blogging’ anymore? I’d be surprised if any of my old-timer friends are checking if there’s any updates to this page, and/or be still subscribed to any feeds related to it (if the feed readers are still surviving themselves!)

I’ve moved the blog to Heroku+git a while ago, and while it has also has been stagnant, in the last month, it seems like someone/something has been pinging the site pretty hard that caused all my dyno hours to be used up, bringing it down for the remainder of December. Whoever the ddos’er is, well *you win* [not like it matters anyhow]

Makes me wonder if my move to Heroku was really warranted, thinking that it is easier to post code-related snippets (and it still is), but at least with blogger, there’s no risk of the site being shut down just because someone exceeded the 550 hours of use.

At least there’s a choice :)