Whoever integrates GPT into Search will be the next winner of the Internet

Google needs to watch out. GPT is coming for their lunch, and they should be sweating bullets right now

After putting off using Hammerspoon due to its initial learning curve, I had relied on other tools like Rectangle and CopyClip to achieve most of the desktop experience I wanted for my development workflow.

While ChatGPT isn’t the most reliable or even correct as a tool, I had been incrementally using it as a ‘rubber duck’ to help answer with doing things with command line tools. It’s proven to be helpful with more complex software like ffmpeg, and rsync for example, so I thought I’ll put it to work for handling hammerspoon.

The answers that ChatGPT had were tailored to my exact requests, as compared to more generic answers like Google, or having to wait for a human to respond via StackOverflow.

To just illustrate what I wanted ChatGPT to solve with using the enter key to bind to a screen operation:


Versus what Google returns:


There’s a marked superiority in the ‘search experience’ even though technically ChatGPT isn’t a search engine.

But semantically, having a tailored answer to what I want, combined with the availability of the entire resource of the Internet, plus GPT’s ability to infer meaning from an inaccurate query, with the ability to follow and and refine, makes it an incredible tool to be at one’s disposal.

Such a modality is the future of search. Google had long been the past’s ‘good enough’, and I’m fairly certain the bar has just gone higher since those days.