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Java is not the JVM

For many IT people, it sounds funny to assert that the Java language has nothing to with the JVM itself.

Circumventing Java's Initialization Process

This is really not a circumvention per se, but rather an understanding of how the Java initialization behaviour works, and highlight the violation of the JVM specification, even in Sun’s version, so that Java will be able to function pragmatically.

Difference between a Register-based and a Stack-based CPU

This is just one small little aspect of how a stack and a register based CPU differs.

Writing your own custom loader for Java

One of the interesting things I’ve learnt about the Java is that, however much under the illusion that 'java' (or 'java.

Bundling a minimal 'bare bones' JVM with your Application

One of the gripes why people dislike Java as a desktop application is probably because of the additional requisite of having the presence of the JVM, which is generally either not bundled with any of the major operating systems in the market today, or that it can be the wrong version of the JVM that is needed.

Having fun with java.lang.Object

java.lang.Object is the mother of all objects in the Java world.