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Reusing Old Laptops As Servers Via Cloudflare Tunnel

This article is for documenting the steps to give my old Netbooks a new lease of life, by turning them into little crawler servers that are going to fetch and post-process RSS feeds of people that I follow on the Internet.

The Hybrid of Windows and Linux

As mentioned previously in “Bad things that OSX is doing”, I had purchased a laptop a few months ago, with the intention of setting up Linux and harden it for my personal use.

Backup Full Disk in Linux

#sudo fdisk /dev/sda to get size dd if=/dev/sda | pv -s SIZE | gzip --fast > output.

Adding extra jar files to Ant path in Fedora/RHEL

The default RPM packaged version of ‘Ant’ that comes with Fedora/JPackage doesn’t doesn’t respect the $ANT_HOME environment variable the same way as if you have downloaded and installed it directly from Apache itself.

The Future of Linux UI Scares Me

I don’t think I have mentioned that I moved from Ubuntu to Fedora.

How to build a Debian Package for GDB

I’ve resisted titling this post as ‘building an Ubuntu package’ even though I’m building it for Ubuntu - technically it’s more proper to call it a Debian package given its lineage.

Configuring your Linux Firewall using iptables

When I first started out using Linux, I was quite daunted by ‘iptables’, the built-in firewall that is bundled with the Linux kernel.

Getting System Information from Linux

Here are some commands that I commonly use to find information about my system.

Ubuntu on iBook G4

People must think I am going gaga; I have installed Ubuntu on every different CPU architecture I have laid my hands on, and now on my Macbook G4!

Setting up a tarpit on Ubuntu Linux

It’s amazing to see how big botnets can grow up till these days, and they really have plenty of computing power to spare.

Examining binary files in Linux

A few different tips assembled together for one to find out information about an executable binary in Linux.

How to 'make' a Euro / Sterling Key In Linux

I never had to deal with the problem of handling foreign currency symbols, given that the countries I’ve lived in the past use the same terminology, where the only difference is the prefixing of their respective country name to the word ‘dollar’.

Huawei E220 Modem on Linux

Unfortunately for mobile broadband Internet connections, network setups are usually difficult and inconsistent experiences between the different network providers.

Confessions of a 'Ctrl-Alt-Del' Addict

Growing up in a world where MS-DOS was the first operating system I’ve ever used certainly leaves me rather brain-damaged when it comes to the 3-finger salute of 'Ctrl-Alt-Del'.

Ubuntu 8.04's Generic Kernel Hangs Machine

(Updated:To solve your problem, upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10. The newer kernel does not suffer from the problem mentioned below)

It's Alive!

In the deep, dark dungeons where a lone man is working in near darkness, only to be briefly illuminated by random arcs of lightning bolts and the cackle of electricity zipping through the air.

Printing Syntax Highlighted Source Code

Sometimes, reading code from paper can be easier than reading it from the screen.

Installing OpenGrok On Ubuntu Linux

I am really impressed with OpenGrok, a web-based source code search engine that I’ve found while I was trying to look up OpenJDK’s source code.

Ubuntu 8.04 Crashes Upon Shutdown

My laptop used to hang intermittently during shutdown when using Ubuntu Linux 7.

Disabling Terminal Flow Control Keystrokes

If you’ve ever encountered the situation where you’ve accidentally typed the <ctrl-s> keystroke and your terminal seems to ‘hang’, that’s because you’ve typed the ‘XOFF’ special character which tells the terminal not to accept any more key inputs.

Proxy forwarding on Apache

If you’re hosting on a web server that requires Apache to be the front-end, like using it as a virtual domain host for multiple domains, chances are it’ll be difficult for you to swap Apache with any other web server, especially if the other domains are happily hosted without a problem.

Compiling VLC for Streaming Music

Compiling media players from source are perhaps the most problematic and most confusing among most linux packages, given the vast number of dependencies required, and the different choices of codecs to choose from, with some of them just competing sounds and video libraries that provides similar features, adding to the confusion, making it an exercise not for the faint of heart.

Changing Gmail SSL certificate

I was curious why I couldn’t fetch my mail to my laptop from Google’s gmail service, when it has been promptly dropping my mail onto my Blackberry.

Tricks on handling multiple line inputs and outputs

There are some of the trivial bag of tricks that I don’t normally take notice, which does often comes back to bother me.

Wireless problems on ipw2200 (Intel Centrino) on Linux

I am quite pleased that the gentoo-sources for the Linux kernel has been upgraded to use version 1.

Find out version of libraries installed in Linux

It is just one of those things about Gentoo that I never could remember.

Installing Flash for Opera

The instructions for installing flash on Opera seems to be a little bit lacking, given that the flash installer script seems to think that Firefox is the only browser that I have and refuses to offer me an alternative installation path.

Opera 9.50 Alpha

I have just downloaded Opera 9.50 for a test run, because Opera 9.

Installing Internet Explorer on Linux

You’ve heard me right. I’m talking about installing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on Linux.

Using 'moto4lin' for interfacing Motorola phones with Linux

I’ve got a new digital camera! Well kind of, the camera being my Razr phone that I had with me for almost a year now.

Finding out all processes associated with open sockets

Normally I’ve only used the 'netstat' command to find out what are the sockets opened in the operating system by using '-a' flag, but the new thing I’ve discovered recently is that netstat even allows me to track the processes that are opening them, via the '-p' flag.