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Compiling Ruby 1.9 for Mac OSX 10.4

This article contains specifics for installing Ruby on PowerPC MacOSX 10.

Non-Greedy Regular Expression Matching

This applies to Ruby, and many other languages too (eg. Perl), just that I keep forgetting it.

Understanding Rubygem's Load Errors

While rubygems is a great way of installing your packages without having yourself to dirty your hands, but if you installed your gems this way, it however does not mean that loading those newly installed gems is automatically.

What is a Ruby 'symbol'?

A symbol is something that looks like ':symbol' in ruby code, where it is like a variable name but preceded by a colon character.

Random Ruby Notes

I have been using Ruby much more than Perl these days to do all my dirty work in scripting most text handling tasks, which I find it is much better at doing these days.

Some Gripes About Rails

I’m not a web-application developer, so writing Ruby on Rails code is basically just a past-time.

Catching all non-matching URLs on Rails

One of the early things that I needed to for a web application, was to try to map all unhandled or malformed URLs to be sent to Rails.