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Vim: When Copy and Paste doesn't work ...

I used to remember that copying and pasting to the clipboard used to work a long while ago, but I just couldn’t remember what exactly did I do in order to get it to work.

Vim: Editing Command History

One of the few oft-forgotten commands that are rather handy:

Visualizing Differences Between Source Modifications in Vim

There’s always something new to learn from #vim, and here’s another gem that allows you to use vim’s built-in diff capability to visually inspect the code changes on your source inline.

Non-Greedy Regular Expression Matching

This applies to Ruby, and many other languages too (eg. Perl), just that I keep forgetting it.

Tab Completion for Vim (Updated)

As I’ve said before, I wasn’t really satisfied with the original tab completion script, which didn’t perform all the possible search completion combinations vim is capable of.

Regular Expression matching more than a single line in Vim

As grep doesn’t allow for regular matching of multiple lines, I’ve found that vim is a handy substitute if I didn’t have use it as a pipe to another program’s input.

Adding text before and after a regular expression match in Vim

Let say that you have a series of lines of text that you want to convert into 'System.

Tricks on handling multiple line inputs and outputs

There are some of the trivial bag of tricks that I don’t normally take notice, which does often comes back to bother me.

Cscope with Vim for finding Java symbols

Cscope, like ctags, allow you to find symbols in your source from multiple files in your project easily.

Vim Remade: Working on Java with all of Netbeans' features

The title sounds like a bold claim, given that the comparison sounds like one between apples and oranges.

Vim Tips for Java #6: Auto-Bracketing Within Vim

One of the things that I’ve learnt that Netbeans is able to do, was the ability to perform auto-bracket completion.

Vim Tips for Java #5: Folding Code Blocks to prevent Visual Blindness

When dealing with large source files, there is a tendency for visual blindness to kick in, where there is just too much code everywhere for you to find things like the start of a method or a particular important segment of code, in a sea of random visual clutter.

Vim Tips for Java #4: Use 'Tab' for Syntax Completion

Note: This tip has been updated, please see Tab Completion for Vim (Updated) instead.

Vim Tips for Java #3: Use Omni-Completion (or Intellisense) for syntax completion

As much as I like vim, Netbeans trumps it when we talk about automatic syntax completion.

Vim Tips for Java #2: Using exuberant-ctags

ctags is a great tool for programmers. It creates an index to your source code to allow you to trawl through them for cross referencing.

Vim Tips for Java #1: Build Java files with Ant automatically

Ant is a great tool for compiling large projects with a large number of Java files.