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Nobody blogs anymore, and Heroku limitations

Looking at the previous date stamp, you’d have noticed that it has been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog.

Have you ever reused code?

The term ‘Code Reuse’ feels like a software developer’s cliche that had since fallen into the list with other unfashionable tech lexicons.

Google Drive does not work if your network is slow

I solely use Google Docs, erm Drive, for working with documents these days.

The x86_64 Calling Convention

I suppose I can consider myself an ‘old-school’ developer now; even though I have been reading the AMD64 ABI documentation, I still haven’t fully absorbed it into my head yet, which is evidenced by the recent two situations I had today where RTFM-ing would have had saved me hours of GDB debugging pain.

Page Faults

While going through some code emitted by a Just-In-Time compiler (JIT), I’ve encountered a curious piece of code which suggested that if access to the process' utilisable stack space isn’t done incrementally, it will cause an “access violation”.

Code Reviews

Ever since I’ve read the book “Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review” a couple of years ago, I was cottoned onto the idea that code reviews are good things to have.

Why you should Blame your Tools, sometimes.

As software developers, we would all wish to have 3rd party libraries that works magically immediately after installation.

Bug Hunting with Revision Control using Mercurial

My impression through reading other software developers' blogs is that, when presented a choice of distributed revision control, there seem to be a majority preference for Git over Mercurial.

Famous Nerds: Bill Joy

Who is he? Just some guy who brought us BSD, NFS, the UltraSPARC and parts of Java.

Why Software Usability is Important

Software is meant to be usable to all people, and not just for people who knows their operating environment intimately.

Bad Start to the Week

You know you have a bad start to the week when your freshly shipped computer from the US gets fried because the power supply unit is set to ‘110V’.

Writing a Starcraft CD-Key Generator

For the benefit of those who didn’t know, Starcraft is an old RTS game, the 2nd one I’ve been playing since 1997, and the only one that I’m still playing on and off after 10 years.

Hacking MacOS X For Password Retrival

I had to resort to this trick as I have inherited an old Mac machine from a friend of mine, who in turn had inherited it from her children.

Opera 9.50 vs Firefox 3.0

While Opera had been a fast browser, somehow it has been growing increasingly slow on my machine.

How I've learnt programming

The first time I heard of the C language was through my brother’s schoolwork he had been given for one of his programming classes.

Ada Lovelace, The First Programmer

It is interesting that while in the IT industry today, programming is generally a male-dominated profession, but did you know that the first programmer in the world happens to be a woman?

The Preference for Hard Languages

A language is a tool. When skilfully used, it allows you to craft great works.

Why More Lisp and Less Prolog in the U.S.

Reading through the topics on Y Combinator, there seems to be renewed interest from people in learning Lisp, which is a language I’ve never heard of until recently.

Weekend Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a bookstore to pick up a book to read anymore, solely because that there is just so much to read online these days.

Do not RTFM!

How many times have you ever been told to RTFM (Read the Fine Manual) when you got stuck with a problem?

(No) Life Working for a Startup

People like to think that startups are those ‘cool’ little things that I do, just because it is the hottest in to be in these days, with all the fad about Web 2.

Famous Nerds In Computer Science: Alan Turing

It isn’t too uncommon to find these images of captchas on websites we visit anymore these days, where it is frequently used to identify humans from computer bot spammers.