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The Hybrid of Windows and Linux

As mentioned previously in “Bad things that OSX is doing”, I had purchased a laptop a few months ago, with the intention of setting up Linux and harden it for my personal use.

WinXP: Missing Registry Key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\SxS\VS7

For whatever reasons the following script in vcvars32.bat was attempting to detect the key in order to be able to run the compiler, but the key was never installed.

How to include JNI Symbols in your DLL

Firstly, use the magic pragma __declspec(dllexport). But this will cause compiler header mismatches between the header and the source files, unless you mangle both of them.

Extra environment settings for Visual Studio

Oh yes, I’ve got plenty to do with Windows these days.

Manpage: link.exe

Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 10.00.30319.01 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Manpage: cl.exe

C/C++ COMPILER OPTIONS -OPTIMIZATION- /O1 minimize space /O2 maximize speed /Ob<n> inline expansion (default n=0) /Od disable optimizations (default) /Og enable global optimization /Oi[-] enable intrinsic functions /Os favor code space /Ot favor code speed /Ox maximum optimizations /Oy[-] enable frame pointer omission -CODE GENERATION- /GF enable read-only string pooling /Gm[-] enable minimal rebuild /Gy[-] separate functions for linker /GS[-] enable security checks /GR[-] enable C++ RTTI /GX[-] enable C++ EH (same as /EHsc) /EHs enable C++ EH (no SEH exceptions) /EHa enable C++ EH (w/ SEH exceptions) /EHc extern "C" defaults to nothrow /fp:<except[-]|fast|precise|strict> choose floating-point model: except[-] - consider floating-point exceptions when generating code fast - "fast" floating-point model; results are less predictable precise - "precise" floating-point model; results are predictable strict - "strict" floating-point model (implies /fp:except) /Qfast_transcendentals generate inline FP intrinsics even with /fp:except /GL[-] enable link-time code generation /GA optimize for Windows Application /Ge force stack checking for all funcs /Gs[num] control stack checking calls /Gh enable _penter function call /GH enable _pexit function call /GT generate fiber-safe TLS accesses /RTC1 Enable fast checks (/RTCsu) /RTCc Convert to smaller type checks /RTCs Stack Frame runtime checking /RTCu Uninitialized local usage checks /clr[:option] compile for common language runtime, where option is: pure - produce IL-only output file (no native executable code) safe - produce IL-only verifiable output file oldSyntax - accept the Managed Extensions syntax from Visual C++ 2002/2003 initialAppDomain - enable initial AppDomain behavior of Visual C++ 2002 noAssembly - do not produce an assembly /Gd __cdecl calling convention /Gr __fastcall calling convention /Gz __stdcall calling convention /GZ Enable stack checks (/RTCs) /QIfist[-] use FIST instead of ftol() /hotpatch ensure function padding for hotpatchable images /arch:<SSE|SSE2|AVX> minimum CPU architecture requirements, one of: SSE - enable use of instructions available with SSE enabled CPUs SSE2 - enable use of instructions available with SSE2 enabled CPUs AVX - enable use of Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions instructions /Qimprecise_fwaits generate FWAITs only on "try" boundaries, not inside "try" /Qsafe_fp_loads generate safe FP loads -OUTPUT FILES- /Fa[file] name assembly listing file /FA[scu] configure assembly listing /Fd[file] name .

Manpage: cmd.exe

Starts a new instance of the Windows XP command interpreter CMD [/A | /U] [/Q] [/D] [/E:ON | /E:OFF] [/F:ON | /F:OFF] [/V:ON | /V:OFF] [[/S] [/C | /K] string] /C Carries out the command specified by string and then terminates /K Carries out the command specified by string but remains /S Modifies the treatment of string after /C or /K (see below) /Q Turns echo off /D Disable execution of AutoRun commands from registry (see below) /A Causes the output of internal commands to a pipe or file to be ANSI /U Causes the output of internal commands to a pipe or file to be Unicode /T:fg Sets the foreground/background colors (see COLOR /?