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Interesting Links [0x07]

For the Hallowe’en Edition(tm), we’re going to read about more scary bugs!

Interesting Links [0x06]

Keyword of the day: ‘Editors’. I was initially going to dedicate this solely to ‘vim’, but given the fact that it is sometimes helpful to have some ‘magic’ (but slow) capabilities when navigating Java sources, I’m including Eclipse links just for a refresher:

Interesting Links [0x05]

Today’s topic is about ‘Advice’. Plenty of them out there on the Internets, and that’s one thing that you can get for free, solicited or otherwise.

Interesting Links [0x04]

This week’s links are all to do with signals. What are signals, and why are they doing in my JVM?

Interesting Links [0x03]

“Because it’s all about the Bash, ‘bout the Bash (shell) …” Today we’re going to talk about all things Bash:

Interesting Links [0x02]

Bugs, bugs, bugs! This week’s links are dedicated to bugs, which led on to some really contorted bug hunting journeys for some, and others, some great stories to tell.

Interesting Links [0x01]

This week’s links are to do with recompilation, mostly decompiling code from a different machine architecture, and then recompling it again (with some manual interventions) to allow it to run in another architecture.